Oh HONEY!!! Sweeten up your life with me!


Awaken your slumbering sweet cravings and your skin with the exceptional benefits rendered by honey! Get ready to dunk yourself into that honey jar!

Do you find it weird to apply that sticky gooey layer on your skin? Well, you wouldn’t hesitate anymore once you learn of the benefits it renders to the skin and health.
Since ancient times, honey has been used both for nourishment and for medicinal purposes. Honey is dearly loved by our sweet tooth and by our skin!

Although it is magical, it really doesn’t come to existence into the jars through the swooshing of a magic wand. It is prepared by those busy honey bees who gather nectar from various flowers which is then blended with enzymes to make honey. The enzymes play a very significant role as it is in this process that the honey is packed with therapeutic and calming properties that endow magnificent beauty benefits to your face and the skin.

Honey has superpowers that help wound-recuperating. It also has antimicrobial, and calming properties that help revert skin issues like skin inflammation, dull and dry skin, and unbalanced skin tone.

All things considered, it’s been ever present through times and has managed to retain its status as the Queen of DIY face masks and body moisturizers!


Some Basic intel about Honey:

1 tablespoon of nectar (21 grams) contains 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose. It contains no fiber, fat or protein.

Honey is surprisingly beneficial for both health and skin. Read further to know!

Honey holds a Doctorate in Medicine:

Let’s first address that nagging question filling your mind up – “Is it even possible for honey to be beneficial for both skincare & medicinal remedies?”

Well, for once let’s sideline our preconceptions and read further to understand this gift of nature better and during the process, learn to appreciate this beneficial ingredient a bit more.

For Weight Loss:

We all want to lose those extra pounds and own a slender and healthy body. But we feel that this goal is too far fetched, so we tend to give up even before we start. My dear lovelies, worry no more! We shall now charge forward and win this battle under the command of Honey!honey_weightloss

Yes, you heard it right. That sweet golden gooeyness is used for weight loss! Doubtful how this sweet thing will help you shed weight instead of adding?
Yes, honey does indeed have sugar but in comparison to refined sugar, it contains a ratio of beneficial nutrients and minerals. Refined sugar has “vacant calories”, which means that there is no advantage in eating it except getting that sugar rush. And the heightened consumption of this form of sugar will keep increasing your weight count because of the absence of nutrients and minerals.
Honey brings a balance to this as it is a granary of supplements that helps individuals maintain their weight . Honey allows you to appreciate the sweet flavor and also helps you shed weight.

Honey is your knight in shining armour!

Some fun & beneficial mixes for you to try:

  • Cinnamon and honey for weight loss
  • Lemon and honey for weight loss
  • Garlic and honey for weight loss.

Honey helps control appetite. If you consume honey before bed, your body starts to release insulin that triggers tryptophan to enter your brain that’ll help you have a peaceful sleep and helps avoid the adrenaline rush.

Honey Heals Wounds:

It is a proven fact that honey is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties that help heal wounds and prevent the festering of infections. The enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and nutrients present in honey make it ideal for therapeutic uses. Honey is your go-to home remedy for minor cuts and injuries.

When applied to the skin, honey fills in as an obstruction to moisture and keeps skin from adhering to dressings. It also exerts nutrients and chemicals that speed wound recuperation.

Add some honey to your skincare routine:

Time to say goodbye to those harsh skin care products. Now sweeten up your routine by adding Honey! Yes, now you can dance around and play like those tv commercial models. Let’s get ready to have the skincare party with honey!honeyskincare
Yeaahh!! Get ready to know some amazing honey know-hows:
Raw nectar is the best ingredient that has antibacterial properties and promotes cell reinforcement to give you a healthy and glamorous skin. Honey is also packed with moisturizing and nourishing properties that make skin soft and supple.

Honey directs and monitors the pH levels of your skin and shields it from any sort of contamination.

We want your skin to shine brighter than anyone else. So to grant you all that wish, a list of DIYs has been created.
We joined hands with other ingredients and created a list of DIYs skincare treatments to treat your skincare woes.
Abandon all your artificial treatments and embrace organic products like oats, relaxing salts, clays and beneficial oils. Don’t go for those artificial botox treatments but indulge in the goodness that nature has to offer you.
Homemade skincare is the real deal for healthy skin care. Honey is the genuine deal — that treats your skin troubles in a super simple and efficient way.

Revamp your skincare DIYs treatment with raw nectar that’ll help you recover your lost spark.

Honey For Face: DIY Remedies:

lemon_honeyLemon and Honey:

Just like how you crave lemon juice(nimbu pani), your skin also basks in the goodness of lemon and honey. Let’s not drool about it now and concentrate on the remedy!
Lemon juice is rich in nutrient C and citrus extract whose astringent properties affect the skin, helps keep your skin oil free, and limits the occurrence of pores. This face mask also helps control skin inflammation and breakouts.

Cinnamon and honey:

Forget the gooey and sugary goodness of cinnamon roll and cinnamon tea. Now it’s time for your skin to breathe in the calming properties of Cinnamon with honey.
It’s found that cinnamon decreases breakouts in skin and skin injuries. And when mixed together with honey, the new paste helps clear skin and reduces inflammation.


Gram Flour (Besan) And Honey:
Hot steamy pakoras aren’t the only thing that besan creates the best. But it also helps render flawless skin to you.
Gram flour is one of the most common ingredients in your kitchen so it saves you the trip to the store. Gram flour assists to purify the skin and shed dead skin cells making the skin look smooth and beautiful. Besan when mixed with honey decreases excess oil production and reverts tan from skin. This face mask can give you a reasonable complexion with normal use.

Honey Keeps Skin Hydrated:

Your skin is not like a cactus that can store water. It is like the most delicate plant that needs a proper amount of water at appropriate intervals to keep it healthy.
Honey is that natural essential skin care ingredient that acts as a humectant that retains the moisture in skin making it look hydrated and glossy. This magical nectar with its saturating and soothing impacts also hydrates the skin, leaving it radiant and gorgeous.
The sugars in honey act as emollients that expand the water content in the skin and help diminish dryness.

Honey Can Even Treat Dandruff:

Fed up of dry hair and flaky skin? Are you waiting for some miracle ingredient? Well, it is here – HONEY!

Not everything that’s gooey and sweet is bad for your health. Try honey that’ll help you ward off dandruff like magic. It assists easing an irritated scalp and clears off dandruff. Honey keeps your hair from drying out and successfully retains the moisture making your locks pretty and your mane voluminous. It can also be used as a conditioner that’ll help your hair look healthy and moisturized while reducing the breakage of it.

Try the Curd Honey DIY for Hair:

Add some curd and honey together to make a quick hair mask and let it stay on your hair for 15 minutes before hair wash. Not only will this instant hair mask make your hair super soft and conditioned but also reduce your hair fall significantly!


Now lovely people, you have all gained the knowledge about Honey and the exceptional benefits it offers you. It’s time for you to put this knowledge into practical use and try it out.

Since all the products are natural there are no recognized side effects; unless you are allergic to that ingredient, in that case, it is recommended that you do not use it or replace that specific ingredient with its substitute.

Now, go enjoy your “Me Time” and shower love to your skin and hair with the sweet treat – Honey!

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