Decoding this new skincare trend – Moisture Sandwich


Is it something really what your skin needs or is it just another Reddit term?

The term was coined on Reddit before social media influencers turned it into a viral trend and just like the name suggests it is giving the moisture your skin needs and basically trapping it in between layers like a sandwich and not letting it get out.


Being one of the latest buzzy skincare phrases to capture our attention, moisture sandwiching is something that you need to know about right now for everyone with all skin types and when it comes to dry skin it’s hailed as a game-changer.

From understanding why we should incorporate this trending technique into our routines to breaking down everything you need to know about doing it the right way, our skincare experts at Matra share it all below.

What does it really mean?

Your skin loves water just as much as you do and this term literally refers to the process of layering your skincare products and trapping water in the skin and reducing transepidermal water loss. By following the technique of sandwiching you are basically putting lighter and more watery products on damp skin and then layering thicker products. The moisture that is trapped boosts hydration and gives you supple and happy skin.

How do you do it?

Now Moisture sandwiching can be done for both face and lips separately and we will walk you through it in the simplest way possible.

moisture_lipsFor your lips-

First thing you need to do is dampening your mouth with water and then apply and gently massage your lips with a lip moisturizer, followed by a lip balm.
By doing this you are allowing ample penetration of the moisturizer and helping your lips to soak up all the goodness and moisture.

For your face-moisturiser_sandwich_face

Here again, the first step is to cleanse your face and dampen it enough with a mist or just water. If you use a face serum, now is the time to add that. Go ahead and dampen your skin once again and moisturize it with a moisturizer or a face oil and lock in all the moisture and let it soak well.

Yes, the damper the better!

Once you are done with the moisture sandwiching, you can proceed with your makeup routine and also apply a highlighter for that extra dose of radiance.

What to keep in mind?

Be careful if your skin is sensitive!

The most important thing to remember is that if you are tying the moisture sandwiching technique then do not use retinols, exfoliating acids and ingredients that could irritate your skin.

For people who have acne prone skin, consult your dermal therapist beforehand.

The final verdict on moisture sandwiching

The bottom line being that this skincare technique will boost hydration to the next level and enhance the complete routine.

Water/hydration is the best gift for your skin and this technique does exactly that – Hydrate, Brighten and Protect.

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